Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shahrizat Jalil and Awang Adek: The only honourable way is to resign pending probe

Shahrizat Jalil and Awang Adek: The only honourable way is to resign pending probeThe wisdom and intelligence of the rakyat should not be further insulted. The rakyat are the only absolute masters of all politicians. In this respect, I appeal that no interference whether political or administrative from all sectors on this investigation by MACC or PDRM. Let the rakyat feel that the least the INVESTIGATORY POWER with MACC or PDRM are absolutely INDEPENDENT.

On the 31st December 2011, I held a press conference calling for Shahrizat and Awang Adek to resign frrm all posts. The reason for my call obvious. To allow proper audit of any allegation pertaining to malpractices, abuse of powers and corruption against Ministers and politicians, the proper things to do is to resign completely.

Nothing to fear if innocent

By not resigning, there will be a suspicion by the rakyat that you are holding onto power to influence the investigation. Sharizat and Awang Adek must remember, if they are innocent, the authorities namely MACC or PDRM will clear you. There is nothing to fear.

In that regard, the rakyat and I welcome the PM’s announcement that Shahrizat has taken three (3) weeks leave to facilitate the MACC or PDRM investigation into the NFC issue. But that is not good enough and certainly not enough to convince the rakyat that you are sincere to facilitate the investigation. As I have said, the absolutely honorable thing to do is to resign from your Ministerial post.

By remaining in the Government, they seriously discredit the government’s pronouncements made by both the PM and DPM. Both Shahrizat and Awang Adek who did not win the last elections and who entered the cabinet by back door methods, should not be liabilities for the Government of Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Both have contravened the MACC Act

To recap what I said during my last press conference, the principal point is that both Shahrizat and Awang Adek have contravened MACC Act. In the case of Awang Adek, it is so blatant when he admitted to receiving the gratification in his personal account but felt that there was nothing wrong in that. There is clearly a fundamental flaw in his character and integrity to be able to say that without any feeling of contrition.

In the case of Shahrizat, she made it so base by openly asking the Press- “WHO IN THE BN LEADERS HAVE NO PROBLEMS?” This is a most damaging statement to other BN Leaders, Ministers and both YAB PM and DPM like the proverbial “Se-sekor lembu membawa lumpur, semua yang lain terpalit ”.

My advice to Shahrizat and Awang Adek – Do not seek to justify your conduct. The less you both talk, the better it is. In conclusion I repeat my call that Shahrizat and Awang Adek have no other alternative but to resign from all posts. Otherwise, this will be one of the many hot topics during GE 13 campaign

Robert Phang is a well-known anti-corruption advocate and civil society leader


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